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Emma Tringali & the Walk-Ins - A Red Thumb Rant

Image of Emma Tringali & the Walk-Ins - A Red Thumb Rant


Release Date: June 8, 2010

The debut full length album from the Brewster, New York Indie-Folk group "Emma Tringali & the Walk-Ins". A Red Thumb Rant will bring you to a world of elegantly structured melodies and peaceful harmonies, but doesn't leave out the deep emotion and heart wrenching lyrics mixed with a back beat that you can't help but catch yourself tapping your foot to. Meaningful and memorable hooks will leave this album echoing in your head long after the last track is finished.

Track Listing:
01 - Worthy
02 - Kissing Grass
03 - Cats and Tongues
04 - Ghost Dance
05 - Sissy Hankshaw
06 - To Joan from Jack
07 - Gloves (Let My Love Remain)
08 - Flawless Salt
09 - Goodnight, Sweet Maniac
10 - Franklin