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Aux Sable Records Showcase Volume One

Image of Aux Sable Records Showcase Volume One


A showcase CD featuring four of the active artists on Chicago's Aux Sable Records. It comprises of four separate EPs on one disc to highlight the unique styles and talents of each band.

Handsomely Dishonest

Heartfelt indie rock with pop-influenced harmonies driven by a solid rhythm section. You will love this.

1. Bet It All On You
2. Standing There In White
3. Fire Jumps the 118
4. We'd Be Famous

Emma Tringali & the Walk-Ins

With the perfect combination of Jazz, Blues, and Folk, Emma Tringali & the Walk-Ins soothe the soul.

5. Cats and Tongues
6. Goodnight Sweet Maniac
7. Gloves
8. Sissy Hankshaw

Champion of the Sun

Love a band's rhythm section? Well that's all "Champion" has! A dance-y mix of distortion and hooks. Brace yourself.

9. Falling Apart
10. I Want It Now
11. Rescue is Impossible

Victorian Halls

A high strung, theatrical sound that's noisy and lyrically overt, with clever shifts in dynamics that will leave you speechless.

12. Neon Skies Light My Nerves Up
13. Tsk Tsk (A Crush Is A Crush)
14. I'm Gonna Eat Your Brains and Gain Your Knowledge
15. Desperate Storyline